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Mnichovo Hradiště und surroundings


 Drábské světničky

Nearby Mnichovo Hradiště by the plateau Mužský is located sandstone fortress Drábské světničky. This group of sandstone rocks has been inhabited since Stone Age and in the 13. Century there was a rock castle. It had primarily defensive function, however there were also living rooms, prison or prayer room.


Today is location freely accessible, outside of residues of medieval castle you can also admire the unique view of Jizera area – among the highlights include castle Bezděz, region Klokočka, Ralsko or crests of the mountains Jizerské hory and Krkonoše.


Castle Mnichovo Hradiště

Renaissance castle Mnichovo Hradiště was built by the Czech nobleman Václav Budovec of Budov, but the great part of history is linked with the family of the Waldstein, who owned the chateau since 1623, when passed into the hands of Albrecht von Waldstein.


The chateau area is a large park where there are stables, a garden pavilion, orangery and the capuchin monastery with the Church of Three Kings and Chapel Saint Anne.


Visitors can choose from three guided tours and one special tour is devoted to children.


Tour 1 – period interiors with collections of Waldstein, especially rich collection of porcelain


Tour 2 – interiors “meeting of monarchs” and the castle Empire Theatre


Tour 3 – lapidary sandstone baroque statues and chapel of saint Anne with the tomb of Albrecht von Waldstein


Tour 4 - fairytale tour for children with a guide in period costume (Sunday in July and August / from 10:15am and 10:45am)



The castle was built in the early 14th century. It was carved into the sandstone cliffs and completed with the wooden buildings. Until the 16th century, it was here built brick palace as well, but since the Thirty Years War the castle began fall into ruin.


Nowadays it is possible to see the original stone palace, rock chambers and corridors. There are presserved cliff dwellings and a prison with dungeon in front of the castle. 


Ruins castle of Michalovice

Ruins of a 13th century also called Michalovická putna extends on the outskirts of Mladá Boleslav. The dominant feature of the building is inclined tower, which earned the indication Mladoboleslavská Pisa. From the ruins of the tower is a beautiful view of the Jizera valley, which even the poet Karel Hynek Mácha praised during his visit in 1835.


Castle Mladá Boleslav

The castle standing on the Old Town Square in Mladá Boleslav has basis in the fortified settlement, which was at the end of the 10th century founded by Boleslav II. Nowadays there is an archive and the Museum of Mladá Boleslav District. New facades after the last reconstruction reveal the linings of the original structure of the castle.



Castle Kost

Gothic castle Kost located in protested area of the Czech Paradise was built in the mid-14th century by Beneš of Wartenberg. Originally the castle served as a defensive fortress, later it was the seat of several aristocrats. Nowadays, the building belongs to the Kinsky family.


The castle has a romantic location in a breathtaking part of Bohemian Paradise in the threshold of the Plakánek valley, which is lined with sandstone rocks. Embedding the stone fortress into the landscape is not only beautiful, but also clever: The castle inhabitants were not only protected by the high sandstone rock on which the castle stands but also by the surrounding hills, which hid it from the enemy.


Visitors to the castle can choose from six guided tours.



Tour 1 – Kinsky in Bohemia includes family portraits and paintings of this noble family


Tour 2 – torture chamber constitutes criminal law 16th to 18th century


Tour 3 – combined 1st and 2nd tour


Tour 4 – additional tour focused on the exteriors of the castle


Tour 5 – sightseeing with executor Heřman and his 13th chamber


Tour 6 – sightseeing for children with Princess Caroline, focused on fairy tales filmed on the castle Kost and in surrounding


State chateau Hrubý Rohozec

Hrubý Rohozec castle was built in the 2nd half of the 13th century and in later centuries rebuilt several times. It served as the headquarter of a number of noble families, including the French noble family Des Fours Walderode.


Visitors to the castle can choose from three guided tours.


Tour 1 – interiors on the first floor including the Trinity Chapel, library, dining room, green parlor, suite of Count and Countess, hunting corridor with the period toilet and others.


Tour 2 – interiors on the second floor of the castle including a children´s playroom and bedroom, rooms governesses, maids, Countess Augusta Gabrielle, Countess Mary Immaculate, Count Karl Frydrych, Count Kun Theodor, vaulted room, blue salon, billiard room and more.


Tour 3 – sightseeing of courtyard, medieval cellar, ground floor space for the staff, including the Count´s servant quarter, kitchen, storage room and castle office. Tour is focused on the history and architecture of the castle.


State chateau Sychrov

All year opened castle Sychrov was original built in the Baroque style, later rebuilt into a Classicist and Neo-Gothic style, and finally got Romantic. In the castle is chance to see an extensive collection of portraits of French kings and ancestors Rohan, further collection of weapons, carved decoration. There is also a memorial hall of Antonín Dvořák.


The extensive English park held shows free fleeing birds of prey along with explanations about the development of falconry.


There is a choice of several tours.


Tour A – interiors of the main castle building (chapel, hall guest rooms, suites, library, and grand dining salon).


Treasury – a collection of jewelry and sculptures made from precious metal and stones dedicated by Turnov native jewelry maker Mr. Francis Khynl


Journey to the treasury of the bear clan – a game for children who are going through the castle park and are looking for treasury with the help of game plan


Chateau cellars – gallery to the play Journey to the treasury of the bear clan